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Tweewaters, Belgium’s most ambitious sustainable urban project

Area Spatial Development
The community Tweewaters is the largest innercity development in Belgium. It relates to the conversion of an industrial zone: 1.200 dwellings and offices will welcome 5.000 residents. City developer Ertzberg has defined a holistic, sustainability vision where all aspects woven into our society are considered: compact buildings (maximum integration of sustainable materials) with a footprint of 30%, car free squares and a public parc, green energy, waste management (weighted individually), waterrecycling, mobility alternatives (e-solex network), consumption & services (local offer of local goods). The highly energy-efficient buildings decrease (-45%) their heat demand. The remaining energy needs are fulfilled with 100% green heat and power, locally produced (bio-CHP), distributed (local network) and supplied (demand response services at the dwelling level). The energy concept of the community reduces 82% of its primary energy consumption and results in the first CO2 negative quarter.
Tweewaters is a demonstration project participating in the FP7 program of the European Commission (for energy efficiency at a district level).
We are native to our place
Our waste is our food
The sun is our income
Our air, soil and water are healthy
We design enjoyment for all generations
We provide enjoyable mobility for all
ERTZBERG (Mr. Benoît Broos, director real estate)
Goudsbloemstraat 2
+32 16 745110
Collected by Flemish Public Waste Agency (OVAM) (BE)