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Koekoek Qreamteam: A C2C Design Collective

Koekoek BV, an incubator for the creative industries with its base in Venlo, has taken up the challenge to design and make things based on the ‘waste = food’ paradigm. Koekoek heads the Qreamteam design collective (approx. 30 individuals and companies) that embraced ‘C2C’ as design philosophy. Through learning by doing, experience was built up. Now Qreamteam is one of the most experienced design teams in C2C in the Netherlands. The team supports and strengthens local industry. These activities tie in with the local sustainability agenda. Young and start-up creative talent has been retained for the province of Limburg against a background of braindrain and innovation. Over 100 articles and publications have been spun off from Qreamteam’s activities. Reverse logistics and design for disassembly have been fully implemented. Those involved in Qreamteam include: Eindhoven University of Technology, Fontys, HS Zuyd and HS Niederrhein Universities of Applied Sciences, Passivhaus, Stiftung Zollverein, Düsseldorf design, Limburg and Venlo.
We are native to our place
Our waste is our food
Our air, soil and water are healthy
We design enjoyment for all generations
Valuasstraat 34
5911 EN
+31 6 4844 1023
Collected by Province of Limburg (NL)