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Feeding Milan. Energy for change.

Area Spatial Development
This project is a joint effort of 3 partners: Slow Food, Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche (University of Gastronomic Sciences) and Politecnico di Milano. The aim of the project is to design a system of services and infrastructures to develop a more efficient and effective Milanese agri-food chain (involving both the city and the Agricultural Park South Milano), in order to shape a scenario of sustainable and innovative metro-agriculture. The Strategic Design contribution is twofold: on one hand it focuses on multifunctionality and collaboration among producers to achieve economies of scope; on the other hand, it fosters the relationship between the city and the productive countryside through "de-mediation" of the agri-food chain. Today the citizens of Milan, who are in search for high quality products, can only find them outside the region, without taking advantage of the biggest European agricultural park available. Furthermore building speculation challenges the Park South area and the boundaries between the city and the periurban countryside are blurring
The project involves the construction of a metropolitan food chain and promotes the short supply chain, where it is possible to produce, purchase and exchange fresh, organic and local produce directly from farmers, retailers and catering operators, associations and organized groups (e.g. sustainable solidarity districts, purchasing groups, etc.). Nutrire Milano invites farmers to use natural fertilizers, coming from the waste of their own production, promotes renewable energy generation (from water, sun, biomass, etc.) and the short supply chain, thus reducing the environmental impacts resulting from transports in distribution, and it promotes a food chain supported by traditional farming practices without the use of pesticides and other contaminants in production
We are native to our place
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